5 Upcoming K-dramas on NETFLIX!!

Netflix is the easiest and best ad-free OTT platform for Kdrama fans globally! While I personally struggle with OTT platforms for my every dose of kdramaland, Netflix has made the experience quite delightful. With 5 releases from 17th February to 1st March! These k-dramas pretty much cover all the possible genres and quench my satisfaction for the coming months. Starting with “HELLO, ME!” releasing on 17th February starring Kim Young Kwang and Choi Kang Hee, “SISYHPUS : THE MYTH” releasing on 17th February as well starring Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin, “VINCENZO” releasing on 22nd February starring Song Joong Ki and Jun Yeo Bin, “Hye, DO YOU LIKE BRAHMS?” releasing on 1st March starring Park Eun Bin and Kim Min Jae, and “ALICE'' releasing on 1st March as well starring Kim Hee Sun, Joo Won, Kwak Shi Yang and Lee Da In. Which drama are you looking forward to watching? It’s extremely difficult for me to make a choice!!