5 upcoming seasons of web series on Netflix that I cannot wait for; what are yours?

We all wait with our bated breath to watch what happens to our characters in the upcoming episodes. Sometimes the storyline clicks with us, sometimes it fails but still, our anticipation never stops. So here are 5 upcoming seasons on Netflix that I absolutely can't wait for.


Stranger Things- S4

I have been waiting over a year for Stranger Things to release, and now finally they made an official announcement for releasing their fourth instalment soon. They launched a teaser recently. What about you?


Emily in Paris- S2

Well, when I first watched Emily in Paris last year, to be honest, I felt like I am in Paris even though I was stuck in my house. The whole series was a little getaway for me to the world of fashion, love, and pretzels! Can't wait for it.


Enola Holmes- S2

Enola Holmes is a series based on Sherlock Holmes' sister's life. Millie Bobby Brown plays Enola Holmes. And the second season is rolling on the floor.


Never Have I Ever- S2

Who can forget the love triangle between Ben-Devi-Paxton? A teenage rom-com movie that I thoroughly enjoyed is about to release its second season in July.


Sex Education- S3

One of the best-made series, Sex-Education will be releasing its upcoming season soon. Each and every character of Sex-Education has taught something or the other.


This is my list. What about you?