5 years of Strangers Things: What started with a simple game turned into a horrific nightmare

Strangers Things is a sci-fi thriller series made by the Duffer Brothers that received appreciation and has garnered a huge fandom over the years. I am one of them as well. It's been 5 years since it was released for the first time, and now we are waiting for the 4th season.

Stranger Things started with a game, 'Dungeons and Dragons' in Mike's (Finn Wolfhard) basement, but gradually there were supernatural creatures, Russian politics, and Eleven's (Millie Bobby Brow) powers.

The fourth season will be arriving late in 2022. But the makers of this series have promised to come back with a 5th season also. And this news has just made me more excited. Two teasers of the 4th season have already been released, where we get to observe the origin of Eleven's character.

Aren't you all excited about it? Happy Stranger Things Day. Let's Rewatch the series from the top on Netflix.