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56 Years And Still No Oscar For Indian Movies! Why?? Nation Wants To Know!?

It's been 56 long years, 45 submissions, 3 Nominees but as far as I know still No winners! "Humare pass Salman hai, Shahrukh hai, Aamir hai, tumhare pass kya hai?" asks a fellow Indian to a tourist from South Korea to which he replies, "나는 오스카를 가지고있다 " (I have Oscar!). So the nation, for a change, definitely wants to know that why is it that till date none of the Indian movies have managed to bring home the prestigious ‘Oscar‘ statuette? Let's find some answers below:

1. Lack of originality and weak storyline

The biggest problem with Indian Cinema(especially Hindi Cinema) is the lack of originality and weak, repetitive and an ignorant storyline. The same story, you can almost sense in every star picture. Tiger is going to fight and dance, Bhai will punch and kill, SRK will romance and cry, and the same could be said for everybody! I mean when you make a movie like Coolie No. 1 in 2021 what else do you expect?

2. Poor selections

Surprisingly, when stars alingn in a certain pattern, we sometimes end up making a good movie. We do. But I am not sure if the committees deciding the Oscar nominees are biased, bigoted or just blind. Barfi, for instance was no match to “Paan Singh Tomar” or “Gangs of Wasseypur” but they chose to nominate Barfi. They even sent “Eklavya – The Royal Guard” to Oscar once! Why?

3. Focus on star power rather than substance

We are a hero worshiping nation. Admit it! We love idolizing people. The stars in India enjoy a god like following. Dare say a word against someone's favorite star and see how the fan reacts. The dedicated audience never misses a single movie of their favorite stars and never says a word against it. And hence even the most pathetic movies do tremendous business. Isn't that right Salman Bhai!?

So unless we get rid of this fanatic mindset, we can't make meaningful cinema that can entertain and impress a global audience.

What are your thoughts on this? Write it down in the comment section below.


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