7 most unique K-Pop fandom lightsticks!

Lightsticks are a quintessential part of K-pop fandom culture! These lightsticks provide fans with ways to interact with their favourite groups during a live concert. 1. DAY6’s Light Band Unlike the typical lightstick, JYP Entertainment's rock band DAY6 decided to go for a wrist watch-style lightstick for their fandom “My Day”. The centrepiece includes a mint-green leaf-shaped light inside a dome carrying the group's logo. 2. BLACKPINK'S BI-PING-BONG BLACKPINK's hammer lightstick is definitely one of the most unique k-pop lightsticks. Initially, the fandom was not too fond of the hammer lightstick but overtime, the 'BI-ping-bong' has been well-received and often regarded for its creative design and features. 3. CHERRY BULLET'S CHERRY GUN Considered one of the most unique lightsticks, the girl group's bright red and white resembles the shape of a gun. There are different light modes and settings available for fans to activate by pulling the trigger. 4. IKON'S KONBAT Designed like a literal baseball bat, the lightstick glows the group's signature red colour and has the group's logo on it which represent the stripes on the South Korean flag. 5.I.O.I'S ICE CREAM Like the group’s concept, their official fan stick takes the form of a large vanilla ice cream swirl laying atop a cone. The lightstick emits lights in the group's signature colours, pink and yellow.