9 Years of Rowdy Rathore: 5 Reasons why the film wouldn't have worked if it were to release in 2021!

While we all loved and cherished Rowdy Rathore back in 2012, there is little chance the film would have worked in today's context. Now as the film completes marks 9 years of its release, let's have a look at the reasons which makes it an outdated movie:


1 The Over-The-Top Action: While OTT Action was a big thing in the past thanks to Salman Khan and others, but failure of movies like Radhe and Laxmi Bomb clearly proves the fact that it is a mere thing of the past.


2 Dramatic Dialogues: We can't simply forget the massy dialogues like 'Don't Angry Me' and 'Jo Main Nahin Bolta Wo Main Definitely Karta Hoon'. They were a treat to witness in the theaters in the background of whistles and claps but sitting at home watching it on our digital screens make them look like a lot more cringy and a lot less clap-worthy


3 Dance Sequences: Seriously with the option of fast forwarding dance number at our hands, who would spend their time watching them instead of completing the story! Another setback.


4 Akshay Kumar: Akshay Kumar's degrading popularity is no secret these days. Yes he used to be a fan-favorite in the past but now, the less we say the better.


5 Competition from OTT: The massive content OTT providers are releasing these days and the kind of varying choices they are providing to its viewers, it would be really difficult for a movie to make a name for itself, especially when it is a remake of another classic.


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