Aamir Khan in the Gulshan Kumar biopic Mogul SHELVED?

The biopic named Mogul about Late Gulshan Kumar, the creator of T-Series, will star Aamir Khan. We've now learned that the movie has been put on indefinite hold.

After Laal Singh Chaddha's box office disaster, the Aamir Khan-led film Mogul has been shelved.

The creators of Mogul are rethinking their choice and may altogether shelve it. This happened a few days after the release of Aamir's eagerly awaited movie Laal Singh Chaddha. Unfortunately, despite being a nearly flawless Forrest Gump adaption, it did poorly at the box office. Mogul's producers apparently decided to put it on hold indefinitely due to the film's weak box office performance.

Aamir had left Vikram Vedha to take the lead in Mogul. Later, for the Hindi adaptation, Hrithik Roshan took his place.

The biopic's 2017 announcement stated Akshay Kumar would play the starring role. The actor, though, had withdrawn for unspecified reasons. Mogul's creators have not yet made a formal statement addressing the recent reports.