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As Aamir Khan’s divorce news trends on Chinese social media, many ‘fans’ claim to be hurt by the news.

Saying it ‘goes against the actors image of being a good husband and father’ . We all know that divorce is a taboo in Asia, with many celebrities finding themselves on the receiving end of hate not only for just for getting into relationships and marriages but also for ending them too.


Aamir, one of the biggest and most followed Bollywood actors in China, with his movies such as PK and Dangal breaking box office records and even the show he hosted, Satyamev Jayete, becoming one of the highest rated productions there, was still unable to escape from some of the comments people had about his personal life.


Aamir and Kiron have both faced hate from some after announcing their divorce. Many ‘fans’ in general have decided to speculate on the matter and Chinese ‘fans’ were no exception. With the divorce mews trending on Chinese social media, Weibo. Many have taken to social media to express there displeasure with the news and how they were apparently ‘hurt’ by it. Some claiming ‘it went against his image of being a supposedly good husband and father’. People also went on to bring in how this was his second marriage and that this had ‘failed’ also, saying the divorce was disappointing news from Aamir as it was his second divorce and this also didn’t work out well. 


These sorts of comments from anyone, regardless of where they’re from, are just unneeded tbh. Why can’t we just support the actor as an actor and not speculate on his personal matters like these? Aamir is an amazing actor and artist and quite frankly that’s all that should matter. It’s not as if he’s committed a crime by getting a divorce and his divorce shouldn’t matter. If you’re a ‘fan’, than shouldn’t you be happy for him? The whole situation with people speculating about him is honestly quite unfortunate. What do you think about the situation?  


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