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Lagaan Lives On In The Hearts Of Indians.. It's An Emotion That'll Be Celebrated Even After 20 More Years!

Aamir Khan's Lagaan is not just a movie. It's an emotion. One that every Indian could relate to 20 years ago. And one that is relevant even now. No wonder then that it still lives on in the memories of all those who've watched it then, and gets even a 10 year old hooked on it now. That's the power of a good story, one that you grow with and one that becomes a part of your life, inspiring and motivating you at ever turn of your own life.


The film's journey too started off with an emotion. Ashutosh Gowarikar, its director so strongly believed in this story that he went door to door with his script, looking for someone to produce it. He didn't give up even though he faced rejection throughout. Then he went to Aamir Khan.


Aamir too joined in because of the emotions he felt after listening to Gowarikar's story. He loved it so much that he heard the story atleast 4 times, before he said yes to the film, just to enjoy the narrative each time.


It was emotion, that stopped Aamir from letting go of such a good story, so much so that he decided to take the plunge and produce it himself as there were no takers for this mammoth of a film. Everyone knew it would be a massive task taking this movie through, production-wise.


But Aamir took on the challenge for the love of cinema and the creative guy within. 'Who else will do if I don't', he said to himself looking back at stalwarts like V Shantaram and Gurudutt for inspiration. 'Would they be as great as they were if they didn't take risks?', he asked himself and marched on.


It was pure emotion that kept the cast and crew of Lagaan going despite the strenuous locales where the film was shot in Rajasthan, for months on end.


Lagaan is an emotion. That's what kept the audiences glued to their seats and anxious to the core watching an almost 4 hour long film in dingy uncomfortable single screen. The same audience that was used to watching action, love songs and the hullabaloo that '90's films boast of. But here was something different. Something that every parent wanted their child to watch, learn and imbibe. Every person, young or old was not just moved by the story but also found inspiration and motivation to overcome their circumstances and win over the hurdles, courageously.


Industry naysayers, who dissuaded Gowarikar and Aamir Khan from making this film, later, ate their own words. For Lagaan went on to become so huge and was loved so dearly by the masses and the classes alike. Lagaan was a breath of fresh air and a ray of hope. It was where art met the commercial format in such a splendid way.


It was Aamir Khan who could achieve that. And, he continued to achieve it with all his films later, made under his banner, Aamir Khan Productions. Lagaan started off that trend for many more films to come from Aamir's den.


20 years later, everyone including the media, fans and netizens came in unison supporting and celebrating this glorious film. People shared their love, memories and gratitude towards the makers for giving them Lagaan. A film that also made India proud, by being one of the 3 Indian films ever to be nominated at the Oscars.


Yesterday, on 15th June, we witnessed a spectacle. A spectacle called Lagaan and the euphoria that comes along. Lagaan lives on and always will in a nation full of cinema and cricket devotees. But what makes it special is the emotion the film carries and the teachings it imparts, sewn in a beautiful tale starring Bhuvan, his courage and his skills of leading, convincing, learning from the opponent, planning etc that make for classic management study material.


Lagaan will continue to live within us for many many years to come!


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