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"Aarya” the Indian remake of the Dutch show “Penoza”

'Aarya' is an official Indian remake of a popular Dutch show Penoza and is created by Ram Madhvani & directed by Sandeep Shrivastava.

The storyline of the show is set around the Rajasthan drug drug ring in which Aarya (Sush) preserves the family values while struggling with many off-scenes such as drug war, corruption and blackmailing. Viewers are exposed to even further scenes , episode after episode per storyline and with their tense transitions viewers stay glued to the screens. Overall, the series is somewhat slow in the middle and then progress rapidly. Gradually one tends to get hooked on the series and will continue to watch until the end of season 1. Although I was sceptical to watch the series, my sister convinced me its Sushmita Sen’s comeback after so long. Also the one thing that really raged people is the “physiotherapy” scene and the fact that they are not considered as doctors.

Let’s keep hoping what season 2 will bring to us and if Aarya can bring the Russian syndicate down or will it be her downfall.


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