#AazadiLikhneKi- Don't you think Deepika Padukone store Diana Penty's limelight?

Diana Penty, started her career with a blockbuster movie Cocktail. In the movie she starred opposite Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone. Even though Diana was a new comer it was Deepika also who was still settling down in the industry.

Both the actresses were amazing in the movie but I found Diana better actress than Deepika Padukone. But as we know that Deepika is very clever at marketing herself and playing it mindfuly which she did during the Cocktail movie success. Diana being new could not go to that extent therefore she was left behind and was not noticeable by the directors.

After Cocktail movie we did not get to see Diana working in any major movies which she should have instead Deepika took away all her stardom and movies. Even now I find Deepika very fake and a model of marketing company! If you see even Diana was present at the Cannes festival and wore the same kind of outfit but even there Deepika stole her limelight.

We have seen Diana Penty's extraordinary work in Happy Bhaag Jaayegi so there is no need for me to speak further!