Abhishek Bachchan to star in the remake of Tamil thriller Oththapa Seruppu Size 7

R Parthiban who directed, acted and wrote the thriller Oththapa Seruppu Size 7 will be directing Abhishek Bachchan in the Hindi remake of the film. He has started shooting for the film as well in Chennai.

Abhishek has taken the rights of the film and will be producing under his banner itself. He got moved by the film and Parthiban's performance which made him come on board with this film. It's about a murder mystery and Abhishek will be sporting a unique look. I can't wait to watch this film. What about you?

Oththapa Seruppu Size 7 has won two National Awards and also got enlisted Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records for a person single-handedly to act, direct, write and produce.