According to Sara it's 'not normal' to look like her parents - 'People only talk about this'

Sara and Ibrahim are look a like of Amrita and Saif Ali Khan and where some of us find that 'so cool', Sara clearly has a different opinion. Looks like the actress is fed up of hearing people compare her to her mom because of the almost similar face structure and features. In a recent interview the actress commented on this and said "it's not normal" for her. She said, "We are identical! Aisa nahi hai ke humme unki jhalak hai. We literally look like they did back then and that gets people talking I guess."

Is she frustrated about this because this is what people keep talking about and not her films? Because the people on social media are more interested in comparing and creating memes.

I don't think there's any reason to call it 'not normal' as they're indeed Saif and Amrita's children. What else they do they expect?