"Actor K" who abandoned his pregnant girlfriend is turned out to be Go Se-won

Allegations against actor K were going around on the internet when a woman accused him to abandon her while she was pregnant. Well, it turned out the Actor K is none other than Go Se-won, he has worked in various projects including "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim" and "The Last Empress."

He personally came forward to acknowledge his fault and apologize for being irresponsible. He released a statement through her agency Hunus Entertainment, he stated "I got divorced back in 2017. The reason why I did not announce the divorce at the time was that I was trying to make things work. However, in the end, we couldn’t get back together. Then at the end of last year, I ended up meeting this woman and we dated for about three months."

I believe why he personally came out is because he thought he would be able to receive some sympathy or leniency of some kind, that people might let it go considering his honest acceptance.

Do you think he should be forgiven for his actions or should he face consequences for his wrongdoings?