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An actor with a spine: Siddharth calls out the BJP for trying to quieten him, says I will not shut up

Actor Siddharth, of Rang De Basanti fame, has been quite vocal about criticising the government of India, especially the BJP. Whilst this criticism has been there for a while, it scaled up due to the utter breakdown of all infrastructure amidst the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the mishandling and ignorance of it all displayed by the current government. Infrastructure has absolutely broken down and the disgustingly minimal healthcare offered for citizens has been exposed. And Siddharth is speaking about it, while all actors are currently quiet and quite frankly, spineless.

In an attempt to quieten him by the BJP Tamil Nadu members, Siddharth’s phone number and his family members’ phone numbers were leaked and the actor and his family got numerous calls for over 24 hours. And these calls were full of rape threats, death threats and abuse, made in an attempt to make sure “this fellow never opens his mouth again” as per an order that seems to be issued by the TN BJP members. Siddharth took to his Twitter to reveal these incidents and wrote, “I will not shut up. Keep trying.” before he tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

Finally, we have an actor with a spine, who believes in holding the government accountable for the havoc in the country.


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