Actor Yoon Chan-Young spills about his kiss scene with Park Ji-Hoo in "All Of Us Are Dead"

Actor Yoon Chan-Young has shared about his kiss with actress Park Ji-Hoo in Netflix's hit show "All of us are dead", a series where a bunch of high school students try to survive a deadly zombie apocalypse. Although the show is filled with zombies, it doesn't mean it lacked romance.

There's a spark of romance between the two characters, thus they were supposed to do a kiss scene during an emotional scene. Even though Yoon Chan-Young and Park Ji-hoo are good friends in real life, the scene was very awkward to shoot. Apparently, it was Yoon Chan-Young's first-ever kiss. He said, "I don't know if I am allowed to say something like this, but that was my first kiss."

During his first kiss, he definitely had some blooper moments while shooting it. "When we first started the scene, our lips didn't touch. Our noses blocked it. At the time, I thought 'Huh? What am I supposed to do.' It was a sad scene, but the producer showed us the reel on the monitor while laughing. They said it was cute."

Meanwhile, the other couple in the series acted by Park Solomon and Choi Yi-Hyun had a funny moment too! In an interview, they revealed that it took 17 takes to capture the kiss. Choi Yi-Hyun said "I'm really sorry to Lomon. I couldn't find where his lips were because I was closing my eyes." She shared how Park Solomon would happily say "Sure" to reshoot the scenes. Gladly, the two had a perfect kiss at the end. What do you think of these cute moments? Which couple's chemistry do you like more?