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Actors facing the rough side of their profession!

I came across one of the interviews of the popular Vikrant Massey, where he talked about how once his director yelled at him so hard. He got extremely emotional. “I was shooting for the show, Kahaan Hoon Main. And just 20 minutes into the shoot, my director yelled at me so hard on the mic, in front of everyone! No-one had ever spoken to me like that before. I felt so humiliated. I started crying and wanted to quit there and then. But the supervising producer, who is now a really close friend, was really supportive. She took me to a corner, and said, ‘Welcome to this world!’. She spoke to me kindly, at length, and made me go back to the set. And I have never looked back since!”

Actors are possibly finding it pretty challenging to take a faith of leap from cinemas to OTT, it's sure a massive change. In addition to that, a downside just destroys their morale! Not so glam ? is it after all?


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