Actors who suffered heavy financial losses but thankfully recovered

Bollywood actors make truckloads of money from their films, ads, and shows. Much more than a common person makes in their entire life. But there have been instances where these actors have suffered immense financial losses or have even gone bankrupt. Here are some of the examples when a celeb when through a massive financial dip.

Amitabh Bachchan - Big B's stint with film production proved to be a disaster and his company ABCL Corp suffered huge losses. Amitabh had more than 90 crores of loan on him and money lenders would reach his house and abuse and threaten him at that time. Thankfully, due to the success of KBC and Mohabbatein, he was able to slowly every penny.

Shah Rukh Khan - Shah Rukh starred and co-produced the super expensive superhero film 'Ra.One' which failed to impress both the audiences and the critics. Because of it, SRK had to embrace heavy loss. However, it was not as severe as Big B's.

Raj Kapoor - Raj Kapoor had received a hefty loan from the bank to make 'Mera Naam Joker.' The film bombed at the box office which gave a major setback to his career.