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Actors who went above and beyond for their roles! Most challenging roles in Bollywood

Recently Paresh Rawal revealed what all went behind playing the role of a Bigot in Toofan. He says it was a very challenging role to play. Actors take months of preparation time and change their looks for challenging roles like these. Here are some by far the most challenging roles played by Bollywood stars.

Amir khan- Dangal

Amir khan had to gain a lot of weight and change his physique twice for this role. He had to play a wrestler and also a dad. He also developed a desi accent desi accent for this. He definitely pulled it off amazingly

Anushka sharma- PK

She is totally different from the character she played. Her role was of a journalist who like taking challenges and helps an alien! Her overall look was very different, specially her hair. But she managed to do justice to this role!

Priyanka chopra- Barfi

How can we forget this unique role by PC. She played the role of an autistic girl who falls for Ranbir Kapoor's character, Barfi! This is by far one of the most challenging yet an amazing role played by her.

Hritik Roshan- Kabil

Though he manages to pull a lot roles amazingly this was rather a much convincing character played by him. He plays a blind guy who fights for revenge. He had to practice his actions for this movie.


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