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Actresses who might have lied about their age

In Bollywood, the shelf life of an actress is small compared to men. They stop getting interesting offers or any offer at all after a certain point. Though there are exceptions, the ground reality remains the same. In such an environment, some celebs try to fake their date of birth to look and being perceived as young. Here are some examples of celebs for whom age is not just a number.


Disha Patani - The 'Radhe' actress had claimed in 2012 to be 20 years old, being born on 13 June 1992. She claimed the same in 2016 stating that her date of birth is 27 July 1995. Now, she is 26 years old.


Kangana Ranaut - The controversy queen had said in 2009 that she was 22, but her passport age went public which revealed that she was 28 at that time.


Katrina Kaif - The actress claimed that she was just eight when the Berlin wall fell (1989). She had also said that she is younger than Ranbir. There is still confusing whether her real DOB is 1981 or 83.


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