aespa under fire for lip-synching on American shows - Should artists be criticized for that?

aespa recently became the first Korean artist to come on 'The Nick Cannon Show'. They were praised all over the world for their confident and goofy interview with Cannon. They shared some light moments as well as performed on their blockbuster song 'Savage.' However, it looks like their appearance on the show didn't sit right with some netizens.

Not too long ago, a netizen shared a post called, "Is aespa lip-synching even in the US? He went on to criticize them by saying "I was so shocked they were lip-synching so brazenly." He further questioned their skills as singers and concluded by saying "Americans don't like lip-synching." This further started a flurry of comments where netizens discussed "why idols don't get enough recognition in the US?"

I personally do not enjoy when singers lip-sync, however, we need to understand that it is not their decision whether they will sing live or not, it's the company's decision. Along with that, there are many factors that need to be considered before a live performance from the sound department to singers' health. Do you think it is right to criticize idols for lip-synching on the shows?