Aespa's NingNing snaps back at the haters after the Coachella performance

They performed pretty well! Especially for a rookie group that hasn't much experience in front of an audience. Their vocals were stable and I'm glad they proved they can totally sing LIVE. Let's hope SM lets them do it more often.

With all the buzz around their Coachella performance, NingNing shared something on 'Bubble'. It roughly translates into "Also, the four of us were very serious in preparing for this performance, our purpose was to have fun with the fans, and we did it and if you look at us with prejudice, we're just doing what we like ~ Although we don't have time to care about those who don't like us, but I hope they can also find what they like to do because Life's too short*"

It was really brave of her to express herself like this. And I hope more idols would be like this. It is completely appropriate to stand up for yourself, your group or career. What are your thoughts on this?