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ROSE WATER Do you all know how important is it to keep atleast one bottle of rose water always at your side. It has numerous benefits, numerous hacks . Like boroline ,vaseline this is also one of the must haves. I tell you a real story about this ROSE WATER MIST from @thenaturestorechennai From morning 9.am to night 10 pm I was helping my son in his studies as exams approaching. As you all know online classes are going on and though being active on instagram all the time ,I have limited time to see screen. But that day I constantly saw screen for around 4 hours than a break than again for 5 hours and I was dead. My eyes started getting moist than burning and I was unable to do any work. Eyes got tired and red in a while.Just imagine how much these kids are looking on screen. I was using this rose water in my skincare routine and I reached out to Hasna for its all handmade with just rosepetals and distilled water. And suddenly my husband came ,he made me lie down on bed and sprayed this rose water on my eyes. I closed my eyes for around half an hour and I was all refreshes ,the burning sensation gone ,watering eyes gone, redness gone and tiredness gone. I was able to start with work again Oh its so amazing. If you had made it till here do know that this rose water is pure in all its glory and besides all multi purpose things ,it can be used as an EYE MIST too. So here to my new eye mist. On another note ,i use it as a spray on my face in am skincare routine ,daytime whenever I want to feel fresh, it goes at the end of the day too , mixing medium for my dry face packs too , sparying on pillows for that sound sleep too. Would love to know your favorite rose water. Do let me know in comments


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