After debuting with a blockbuster like 'Iqbal', why Shreyas Talpade did not get any lead roles in big Bollywood films?

It's been 16 years to this masterpiece called Iqbal, a movie if you haven't watched then I am sorry to say but you've missed out on one of the best product of Bollywood.

It was a debut blockbuster of Shreyas Talpade and also featured Naseeruddin Shah, the late Girish Karnad, and Shweta Prasad Basu in pivotal roles.

Today on it's 16th anniversary, Shreyas shared with us a piece of his heart "It all started with Iqbal'; wherever I am today, it is all because of the film. Even after 16 years, the film is so fresh in everybody's mind. I am known for 'Iqbal' and I am known as 'Iqbal'; it has given me so much in life. I had never imagined being the hero of a Bollywood blockbuster,".

But my concern is why Shreyas could not fetch himself lead roles in Big bollywood films ever after debuting with a blockbuster?