After Deepika, Katrina also being trolled post-Alia Bhatt's pregnancy announcement


Now I see the pattern! After Alia's announcement, obviously, the 'Bollywood Aunties' now had to target those actresses as well who have got married in recent years and for what??

For not being pregnant as soon as they got married. Chances Of getting pregnant after 35 are not 'rare' as you yourself said that many celebrities go for having kids later in life. And for god sakes stop guilting women into becoming mothers before they are ready!!! Anyways human race will not end if some of us opt out of it. Even, normal women are delaying pregnancy and this can expected to go on with increasing education and economic level of the country. None the less unlike previous generations we are not having kids as a biproduct of having sex, we have kids after a careful planning, only when we really want them, and afford them.

So I don't see a reason why actresses are being trolled now after Alia's pregnancy.