After the failure of 'Samrat Prithviraj', can we expect Bollywood to reject its nationalism formula?

In recent times, Bollywood has tried to cover as many as characters possible which could give us a storyline based on nationalism. Though few films have failed to do commercially well, however, we cannot say that the idea of nationalism can be completely rejected.

After Prithviraj Samrat, the audience has been giving mixed reactions. But one thing is for sure that people are still interested in watching well directed ancient films which can not only can give the audience, entertainment but also a view from the past. Successful movies like the Padmavat, Kesari, Bajirao Mastani showed the real art and culture. The art of being able to produce such a well-built film, with costume and colour, and with great songs, films on nationalism have surely given the audience a well-packaged formula of entertainment.