After his detention, Aryan Khan will be counselled by Hrithik Roshan's life coach

Hrithik Roshan's life coach will counsel Aryan Khan, who spent three weeks in jail. Coach Arfeen Khan offered advice to Hrithik Roshan during his divorce from ex-wife Susanne Khan. Hrithik Roshan went through one of the darkest periods in his life, yet he emerged stronger.

Arfeen Khan is well-known among Bollywood stars. He is "Bollywood's number one coach, TED Speaker, Transformation Expert, and International Speaker," according to his Instagram account.

Shah Rukh Khan is doing everything he can to make his son Aryan Khan comfortable, and his safety is a top priority for him. SRK, who has a lot of high-profile projects lined up, has asked the producers of his films to keep his outside commitments as brief as possible so that he may spend more time with his family and Aryan.

Do you believe that counselling would be beneficial?