After looking at Ekta Kapoor's appreciation for Kangana, don't you think both are going to collaborate soon?

Ekta Kapoor recently posted about Thalaivii on her social media where she just couldn't stop praising the film and especially Kangana Ranaut's performance in it.

She wrote " Kangna Ranaut - An actor par excellence. A league of her own Kangana is probably one of the few actors who not only gets into the skin of the character but takes the effort to physically transform herself with every role she plays. At no point do you feel this is not Jaya herself. Kangna has perfected every aspect of the era from the physical appearance, voice modulation, to feeling the humiliation that Jaya Lalitha felt and striking back. Kangna makes this film probably one of the most watchable experiences of the year. So happy my friend to know an actor like you. Thalaivii is a must watch !!!

Well after looking at Ekta Kapoor's praises for Kangana, I definitely feel a collaboration is not very far. What do you think?