After Queer representation in "Itaewon Class" to "Nevertheless"- Can we expect a mainstream LGBTQ+ drama from South Korea soon?

It is an open reality that South Korea is a conservative country. Regardless, Korean dramas are becoming more and more acceptable towards incorporating LGBTQ+ elements in their dramas. From "Reply 1997" dealing with a closeted gay man crushing over the main lead to "Itaewon Class" portraying the issues of a trans woman, Korean dramas have come a long way. Such topics are being handled more maturely and sensitively these days, however, we haven't seen a mainstream Korean drama that revolves around LGBTQ+ characters.

Now that K-dramas have become a worldwide phenomenon, we expect them to be more welcoming towards all sexualities and races. Especially when actors like Park Seo-joon and Seo In-guk have expressed their comfort and wish in portraying a gay character on-screen. Do you think it is high time that we expect an LGBTQ+ themed drama from South Korea? What are your views on it?