After SAG win, an American media outlet asks "Squid Game" actors Jung Ho-Yeon and Lee Jung-Jae an irrelevant question: Is it a mistake or downright ignorance?

"Squid Game" actors Lee Jung-jae and Jung Ho-yeon won big time at the 2022 SAG Awards. However, the evening couldn't end without a conceited question by American media during the after-show interviews. Access Hollywood Reporter asked an irrelevant question to Lee Jung-jae and Jung Ho-yeon, "Now that you are SAG winners what are you going to miss the most about being anonymous?"

Both baffled, while Lee Jung-jae simply smiled through the question, Jung Ho-yeon savagely responded, "Nothing". Not to forget that Lee Jung-jae is a well established veteran Korean actor and is a well-known name in many Asian countries, and Jung Ho-yeon has been working as an international model for over a decade. Many netizens found the question downright rude and ignorant called the Americans 'self-absorbed', whereas some believed the reporter only meant anonymous in America.

Regardless, the translator actually had to mend the question a bit before posting it in Korean to the actors as she said, "Now that you have won SAG awards, what would you miss from the time when you were less famous in America?" It is a testament to what an uncomfortable question it was.

What do you think is it simply a mistake or ignorance on the part of the reporter?