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After Watching The Intern We All Believe That Experience Never Gets Old

The Intern is a must watch fresh, feel good, heart-warming and an inspiring movie. It is a perfect blend between old school and the new age. A 70 year old retired, widower, Ben gets back into business when he applies to be to a be a senior intern at an online fashion retailer and gets the position. The founder of the company is Jules Ostin is a driven and spirited workaholic, when Ben becomes her personal intern he tends to be a wise, helpful and a friend in need, in her fast paced, dramatic life.

All in all, The Intern cheerfully deals with contemporary issues of generation differences and evokes laughter as well as other powerful emotional responses from the audience along the way. The film is both entertaining and educational, presenting us with a role model, Ben Whittaker, to demonstrate how the younger generation should respect the elderly and learn from their wisdom, and how they in turn should never fear new experiences but instead try to learn from the younger generation.


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