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Ah! Here we go again - The F.R.I.E.N.D.S steal our hearts, AGAIN!

Well well well! You’re living under a rock if you do not know that the FRIENDS reunion was due to be aired today, and ZEE5, our saviour, was there again, bringing us the stream, same time as the world!

Let’s be honest, if you watched it, you have laughed, sobbed and felt nostalgic at the same time!

It rightly begins with all the friends meeting on the original set of the sitcom and have a gala time remembering all the little things they experienced while filming the show. And no one from the ladies, I repeat no one looks a day older than the day the show ended.

And, can you believe, the cafe set was JUST adjacent to the Monica’s apartment, like they had the same wall! It was bizarre, at least to me!

They reunion was more of a sit through interview after the first 20-25 minutes. Interviewer, James Corden, just like any other fan asked them all the questions that we have been waiting for! Especially, the one - "Were Ross & Rachel actually on a break?" and to my surprise, every one said YES, except Matt LeBlanc! Well, Matt, WE STAN!

During the running of the reunion we are made to meet the crew, the casting directors and producers, and the fact that Courtney Cox was originally cast for the role of Rachel and not Monica. Or the fact that Matt LeBlanc almost lost the role to some other actor, who also played the role of fake Joey in one of the episode.

And I could go on, and on, and on and on! Heartwarming, nostalgic and lovable, that’s what the entire reunion was! The fact that it is not returning as a whole season is a bit sad but hey, at least we got to see all of the major characters from the show, but, the ugly naked guy is still a mystery!

You can watch the Reunion on ZEE5 with its yearly subscription!


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