Ahn Eun-ji and Kim Kyung-nam's new melo-romance depicts a complicated love story in the new teaser

'Hospital Playlist' fame Ahn Eun-ji is all to play the lead in upcoming melo-romance 'The One And Only' opposite Kim Kyung-nam. The drama revolves around three women who are terminally ill, meet in a hospice and decide to take down one bad guy before they die. However, in the process Pyo In-suk (played by Ahn Eun-ji) meets a mysterious hitman Min Woo-chun (played by Kim Kyung-nam) who have had a painful life.

The teaser and poster show a longingness between the two leads, as soon as their love starts to bloom, the reality of their lives hit them hard. The things go down the hill as the two experience conflicts in their lives as well as with each other. The drama will be a race against time and death.

Personally, I am a huge admirer of Ahn Eun-ji, she is a genuine actress who can sell emotional moments with her acting with ease. The drama however feels a bit too predictable, so I am assuming they will be focusing more on the day to day challenges in their lives much like 'Just Between Lovers.' I am surely looking forward to it as the teaser had me intrigued.

Are you going to watch this drama?

Check out the teaser below!