Aishwarya's 'Crazy Kiya Re' Vs Katrina's 'Kamli' - who did it better?

Aishwarya and Katrina both have been a part of the Dhoom series. Aishwarya was a part of the Dhoom 2 series and she danced on 'Crazy Kiya Re' which was so effortless, she was sharing screen space with Hrithik Roshan but she was the one who stole the show! On the other hand, Katrina was in Dhoom 3 and she had a song 'Kamli' for which she won many awards. She did a lot of training for this specific song because she had a number of different dance styles in it. I personally like Aishwarya's dance better because she could come up with it naturally without having to do any training and it was the first time we saw Aishwarya's bold side. Katrina wasn't bad either but if I had to choose, I'd choose Aishwarya over Katrina anytime. What about you guys?