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Is Akshay Kumar one of the most fortunate outsiders from the previous decades?

Shah Rukh Khan is usually one of the top names that come to mind when successful outsiders are discussed. But in SRK's case, he set a particular bar for the industry to the point that he's instantly recognised when Bollywood is brought up.


Apart from the top Khans, in which case both Aamir and Salman themselves have film backgrounds, Akshay Kumar has emerged as a top contender. He's always in the highest paid list of Bollywood actors and has made a mark.


Unlike the previous actors mentioned though, he doesn't have an particular brand of acting. Akshay's tried his hand at every other genre, gone for multiple movies at a time, and is reigning currently despite not being phenomenal or excellent in any one category. What has worked for him to make it so far? 


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