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IS ALCOHOL BAD FOR OUR SKIN AND HAIR?Effect of alcohol present in our deodrants,toners,etc. on our skin

We all know that drinking alcohol is bad for our health .

But have you ever wondered how bad it is for our hair and skin.


Basically Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it’s incredibly dehydrating. It also leaves our skin feeling dehydrated and dry, making our fine lines and wrinkles appear more visible.


The alcohol that is present in your daily based toners works the same and thus dulls our skin.


The body mists ,perfumes we use on daily basis have harmful effects too. They not only dehydrates the skin but being gaseous in nature damages our hair also. It dry out our hair, making it dull and brittle. Research have shown that alcohol can also cause whitening of our hair.



Obviously in the current market there are many toners that are alcohol free ,they use purified water as a solvent and thus it is much more beneficial and doesn't harm our skin.


In case of deodorants ,perfumes and body mist. I suggest that we should switch to roll on perfumed oils . They last longer and have no adverse effect on our skin and hair.


Currently I am using FAB INDIA PERFUME OIL (MUSK)

and I have no complains so far.


Do comment down your favorite alcohol free toner and perfume oils .




Instagram handle : dum._.opinion_


Stay happy stay safe





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