Alia Bhatt call Ranbir Kapoor 'Baby' in front of the media!

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were seen having conversations with the media on the day of their announcement of the Brahmastra motion launch!

Ranbir Kapoor was asking Alia what does the letter 'R' means to her! To that, she keeps blushing and fumbling and says ' it is the 8 of my life.' When Ranbir asks her how is she feeling right now, that makes Alia feel shaken! To that, she replies, " I feel too much, overwhelming, excited, I mean I am emotional and it's so exciting." Ranbir cuts her off in between and says, " Itna kya tu toh poster pe bhi nahi hain ab tak?" Matlab uska poster aanewala hain aur great things take time! and why do you feel so emotional Alia?"

When he asks that Alia says, " because you're on the poster so Baby, of course, I will be emotional!"

This is so cute we finally get to see our favourite couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor flirting in front of the media! I guess they are at that point of their relationship where they are very comfortable to be open about their affair!