Alia Bhatt's pregnancy; isn't it a bit early?

The news that Alia is now pregnant came as a shock to us (a sweet shock, mind you) two months after the wonderful couple's wedding. Soon, Alia and Ranbir will welcome their young child. Fans are shocked and posting updates about the storm. Many people are curious as to how Alia would handle her profession. What about the movies she's already committed to, and given that Brahmastra will be released shortly, would Alia be able to participate in the film's promotion? There are many unanswered questions, but this was a Monday Shock that banished all of our Monday blues. Fans are already speculating on the name that Ranbir and Alia will give their child.

During the "Shamshera" promotions earlier last week, Ranbir made a hint about a baby on the way. When asked how much more work he would have to do after getting married, he responded that he would have to start a family and do a lot more work. "Abhi mujhe bahot kaam karna hai sir. Abhi mujhe family banani hai, unke liye kaam karna hai. Pehle mai khudke liye kaam karraha tha. Nahi nahi, abhi mai bahot kaam karunga," he said.

Though, this all explains the wedding..!!