Alia Bhatt's pregnancy reveals how we live in a misogynistic society!!

With Alia Bhatt's pregnancy announcement, the internet has been going crazy! Over the mixed reactions that one can see over the internet, it can be clearly noticed that while some are happy about the news, the others are kind of targeting Alia Bhatt for it. People are mentioning reasons like, 'Pregnant at 29', 'Too soon, 'Is she even ready for this?' and my favourite one, 'what will happen to her upcoming movies?'


Seems like more than Alia's family, the 'Audience Aunties' are more concerned about Alia's pregnancy. On one side actresses are trolled for late marriage, double marriages, late pregnancies and failed careers, on the other side there is also this audience who can literally make comments about someone's pregnancy at a pretty normal age and call it 'Too early to be a mother!!' Like seriously??


This clearly shows how misogynistic and sexist our society has become. Sexism is pretty much a fact of life for women. Sometimes it is serious and overt, for example when you are passed over for promotion or blamed for your own sexual assault, but mostly it's small cuts that happen day after day. Harassment in the street, being interrupted or ignored in conversation, facing judgement about your appearance, and so on. Outright misogyny is a different thing. As Stephanie Vardaras said, the Internet has cast a light on the misogynists and given them a voice. I don't know where or how they hid pre-Internet.


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