Alia or Kangana, who would have a better career after 5 years?

Alia and Kangana are both on top today. Both the actress have skilled the craft of acting. Alia has been growing as an actor with each passing film of her. Where as Kangana has forgotten to act in myv personal opinion. There are few movies of hers like Queen, Tanu weds Manu where I really liked Kangana as an actor but after that it seems like she has put drama as her first priority instead of acting. As an audience we do expect the actors to entertain us, which also keeps them on the headlines but there is fine line between entertainment and toxic entertainment. What Alia provides to her audience is pure entertainment whereas Kangana is toxic. Keeping this apart, when we look at the movie selection, Alia has a better movie selection compared to Kangana. The audience gets quite bored watching an actor perform the same type of roles. Alia always goes outside her comfort zone and plays new characters. At first Kangana had it in her to choose the right films/shows but the case is different now. She has to move on from the word 'nepotism' because that is going to take her nowhere. While Alia is a great method actor, kangana's choice of films is very quirky and boisterous, which seems to not be working for her anymore. So all in all I think Alia will have a better career in the next 5 years. What about you guys? Who do you think will have a better career in the next 5 years