All about the on going Dr Sheths controversy!!

Dr Sheth is one the few indian brands which offer great skincare at a affordable price. Over the last year it received tremendous love and support and grew to be one of the top brands.

Recently it all started a few days ago when one customer noticed "white" growth in the niacinamide serum. Basically it was the fungus growth in it. She immediately contacted Dr Sheths and Dr Sheth team has arranged for a doctor to check her too. Later a few more found this problem with the niacinamide serum and reached the brand. Dr Sheth took on to insta to post a story on this controversy. It was all good till here but the sad part starts here:

1). They have not called back that batch of products which were faulty which means some people are still using them. When the Purito controversy took place, the customer responded excellently and called back all the products from the stores and from customers and also refunded money of the customers. But with Dr Sheth it didn't happen they only posted a story that's it. I have come across other people too with the same issue and they all say that it's been almost a week by the brand hasn't responded yet.

2) When all this chaos was going on, Dr Sheth was run6 their 35% off sale on the same Niacinamide serum, I mean seriously? Instead of calling products back they were holding sales on that same product. They are not calling back products, neither responding to DM , neither addressing the issue on a bigger way but instead were holding sales and some influencers were promoting it.

3) The problem didn't stop with just niacinamide, Vitamin C serum too shown change ( as shown in pic, the left side is a already using bottle and right side is a newly purchased bottle). The texture suddenly changed to cloudy appearance.

If anyone is facing the white or any other colour growth, immediately please stop using that product and DM/ mail the brand. There is no confirmation as of yet if the cloudy appearance of serum is safe or not as the brand didn't respond on this yet.

Brands must be more responsible with products. We trust them and invest our money on it and this is just not fair!! I understand it's very hard to reply back to so many msgs but atleast Dr Sheth could have made a post instead of story and could have called back those batch of products.