"All Of Us Are Dead" director shares plans for a possible second season

Netflix's zombie thriller "All of Us are Dead" has taken over the world and is currently sitting at the top of the top ten shows list on Netflix across the world, comfortably. The drama starring Park Solomon and Chan Young-yoon among other young star cast is giving competition to "Squid Game" in terms of popularity. Due to this massive success in the few days of the release, the director Lee Jae-gyu is currently planning on the possibility of the second season of this zombie thriller.  

The director recently opened up about his plans for the second season and the potential resurrection of one of the characters. He shared, "If season 1 continues to be popular in the long run, I think it will be the foothold for the second season." However, he also said that nothing is confirmed yet officially. Anyway, He further shared his plans on the plot of the second season, "If season 1 showed a comparison and contrast in how adults and students survive the zombie apocalypse, I want to show the comparison between the surviving human group and the zombie group in season 2." 


Towards the end of the drama, it was shown that the lead character of Lee Cheong San falls to his death along with the villain which left many viewers disappointed. Well, the director shared his plans on the potential resurrection of his character, he said, "If Cheong San were to come alive, I think there will be viewers who won't be able to accept that but also there are going to be fans who are happy about it. We have a definite plan, but it's difficult to share it here, now." Although he did agree that he has a vague picture of what it would be like if Lee Cheong-san were to resurrect in the later season. Well, we can't wait, can we?

Do you want Lee Cheong-san to reappear in the second season or will it become too unrealistic?