All you need is a Vitamin C serum to get your skin glowing!

love Dr Sheths as a brand, their formulas have worked pretty well for my skin, recently they launched a new range Clinic@home and I got the Amla VC 20 Vitamin C Serum, which I have been using for almost a month now.

I am not a person who is or was someone that couldn’t do without Vit C serum until I got a hold of this product.

It is a power packed formulation with 3-o-Ethyl-Ascorbic acid, Ferulic acid, Amla extract, Vitamin E and Sodium Hyaluronate.

A lot of you must be wondering it’s a 20% vitamin c serum will it be suitable for beginners, so the answer is yes because it is a well-formulated product that is made safe, the molecule they have in their formulation that is 3-o-Ethyl-Ascorbic acid is a calmer and relaxed version of Vitamic C which should be fine for beginners (I did this research by attending one of the live session done by Dr Aneesh Sheth where he cleared this query), but its always recommended to do a patch test or consult your dermatologist.


Coming to my experience, it’s a lightweight, fragrance free serum that’s comfortable on my skin. I apply it in my morning routine, 2-3 drops and then follow it up with a sunscreen (please never forget that). The formulation is quite stable and hydrating as well due to the presence of Ferulic acid and Hyaluronic acid which also makes it gentle for the skin. I could see my skin improving with the consistent usage, its become healthy and a lot more even. I would highly recommend it because its effective, a good value for money and with ingredients that work great.