Allu Arjun and family are giving us major FOMO with their PDA!

No matter how family-disoriented you are, there are some families which tickle the familial instincts in you and make you want to settle down fast. Allu Arjun and Allu Sneha Reddy’s cute little family is one such one. They have two children, a boy named Ayaan (6) and a girl named Arha (4). Allu Arjun had been shooting for Pushpa (2021) and was away from his family and Hyderabad for a long time. However, they seem to have reunited now as his wife, Allu Sneha Reddy, shared a few pictures of all of them having fun together, which gave us major FOMO! While the two kids seem to be enjoying running around hige lights, Allu Arjun was observing a small toy-flight with his daughter. Well, I surely miss my childhood. Do you? Let me know in the comments below!