aloe vera gel review

Its from an upcoming indian skincare brand thekosas........" Plant of Immortality " is what aloe vera is called. And it is called for all good reasons. This aloe vera gel has my heart as I reach out to it whenever, wherever I want to. Ft. @thekosas Aloe Vera Gel is pure love. You will find aloe vera gel in every home and from kids to aged its loved by all. Its versatility is undefined. I will share different uses of aloe vera with you all on the blog post that is just on the way but here what I love about this one is that its really hydrating ,free from any chemicals, free from fragrance and super soothing. I have tried aloe vera gels from various brands but none found this Neha has mentioned everything what has gone into making of this aloe vera gel. Definitely 99% pure aloe gel but 1% is aqua , xanthan gum ,plant based natural thickener and food grade preservative. Please let me know if any brand has disclosed a full list about one ingredient full product aloe vera gel. Kudos to her for keeping this transparency and giving us best aloe vera gel. I'm not hesitant now to use this for my son , even my mother in law uses it and loves it. Which aloe vera gel are you liking these days? #kosas #aloeveragel #beautyblogger #bornoninstagram #skincareblogger follow me on instagram @theduskybeautyblog