ALT Balaji's Apharan Sabka Katega Review: Slow but Engrossing

ALT Balaji has released many well-written shows in the last two to three years that didn't really become the talk of the town or the hype they should have deserved. Apharan Sabka Katega is a desi crime show produced by Edgestorm Productions that was released under the banner of ALT Balaji Originals.


The series runs for 12 episodes, starring Arunoday Singh, Mahie Gill, Monica Chaudhary, Nidhi Singh, and others in pivotal roles. This web show falls under every category possible, be it 'crime or mystery thriller or comedy-drama or action'. The starting may seem a bit slow, but gradually it picks up the pace and brings so many twists that it can make you sit at the edge of your seat.


Arunoday Singh plays Rudra Srivastava, a respected police officer stationed at Haridwar Police Station who works for abduction cases. But in one such case, he gets into trouble and is sentenced to jail for 3 years for corruption.


After returning from his tenure, he sees that his whole life has changed upside-down. His wife Ranjana (played by Nidhi Singh) took money from her employer Dubey ji (Saanand Verma) to meet the ends for their family. But in return, he has been exploiting Rudra's wife sexually. And he demands that until they pay his 70 thousand rupees, Ranjana has to keep doing as he says.


At this point, Rudra meets Madhu Tyagi (Mahie Gill), the second wife of Govind Tyagi (Sanjay Tyagi), who includes him in her plan to kidnap her stepdaughter Anusha (Monica Chaudhary), and Anusha approves it too. What? Yes, that's right. And Madhu says she will give Rs 1 crore as ransom which will be divided into three. But Rudra agrees for 2 crores.


Now, the actual twists and turns come. Rudra kidnaps Anusha, but things start to turn southwards pretty quickly. Cut to the second half where Rudra is running for his life because a dead body is already hovering on his head, and police are on his trails and Sanja Tyagi's assistant Laxman Saxena (Varun Badola) is coming with his goons. Where will Rudra go? What will happen next?


This series is very engaging. And, all of the actors have done a great job in giving full power-packed performances. It made stand out because of its real location.