Am I the only one who shares a love-hate relationship with Arjun Kapoor?

Arjun Kapoor, even though, is not what we would call a great actor going by the textbook but he's surely got every reason to be called a great human being. Be it his struggles with overcoming a long term eating disorder, or getting over a complicated childhood with his parents getting divorced or facing unending trolls around his career and love life, Arjun Kapoor has been there, done that.


The latest addition to the list being his lash back at a media house for questioning the source of Malaika Arora's wealth. The headline in Hindi shared by a media outlet read, “Arjun Kapoor se kafi zayada ameer hai Malaika Arora, janiye khan se hoti hai 100 crore rupee ki kamai."

Expressing anger over it, Arjun wrote, "It's sad & shameful to read a daft headline like this is 2021. Of course she earns well & has worked for so many years to be in a place not be compared to anyone let alone me." Kudos to AK for this but that's not it.


Now coming to the hate part, he's just a terrible actor to be honest and the worst part is he brags over it! I mean just look at his interviews after SAPF.


Anybody else shares the same feeling about Arjun Kapoor? Comment please.