Am I the only one who thinks 'Uninstall Hotstar' trend on twitter is justified this time

For those of you who don't know about this trend, there is a new Web Series on Hotstar by the name 'The Empire'. The series is based on the Mughal invader Babur and claims that it is based on an adaption of a novel, Empire of the Moghul-Raiders from the North.

But what irked netizens was the way Babur was glorified in the show. Fans started objecting to the series soon after its trailer popped on the internet, claiming there was a lot of tempering with the historical facts and that offended the religious sentiments of a community.

It is also being said that complaints were registered against the same but there was no response from Hotstar whatsoever. Hence started the trend 'Uninstall Hotstar' on twitter.

Personally I feel these sort of issues should be resolved prior to release of the content. And as a filmmaker it is your responsibility to do some research before showing historical content on screen.

Please share your views on this.