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Amayra Hemp Soap review

If there is one soap that gently cleanses and hydrates at the same time ,it has to be @amayranatural @paavoindia Hemp Shea and Patchouli Handmade Soap Bar.*gifted* It is a wonderful insync blend of therapeutic oils like Hemp Seed Oil,Patchouli Oil ,Coconut Oil,Oatmeal Oil,Olive Oil,Castor Oil,Shea butter,,kokum butter. This soap doesn't dries out the skin. It has a mild fragrance of the herbal oils. This cleanses the body well leaving it smooth and soft. I found oatmeal granules too on the soap which are very gentle. Priced at 199 for 100gms This soap is quite reachable to all in my family. I love how well mildly it exfoliates and leaves the skin squeaky clean. Lasts upto approx 20 days as used by 3 members of family. Which handmade soaps are you loving these days?


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