Amazon Prime Video To Reject Inside Edge 3 Completely?

Inside Edge is a popular Amazon Prime Original that kept us hooked on our screens till the very end. The last episode of the show ended on a seriously exciting and dramatic note and it created immense curiosity and suspense among the audience. A recent news claims that the third season of the series has been completely shot and the heads of Amazon Prime Video after watching it, came to a surprising conclusion that they were not entirely happy with the content of the series and they have dismissed to premiere the show until and unless the makers reshoot a major portion of the show. 

It is known by sources that - “There is an entire Indo-Pak element, wherein Vivek Oberoi's character teams up with the Pakistan cricket board to destroy the Indian Cricket League." While they believe that the content has a little potential, they also fear negative controversy. All these factors have forced the Amazon Team to suggest the creators of Inside Edge 3 to reshoot the series or they will reject it altogether.